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When Do Pest Problems Come with a Great Customer Experience?

Being confronted with a pest problem creates a lot of fear and uncertainty. Are the products safe near my kids and pets? How are pests getting into my property? Will my problem be eliminated? The pros at Complete take the sting out of the entire experience.

Complete Pest Control Services (CPCS) was founded in 2003 by Sherry and Russ Rusiski of Pittsburgh. Russ is a 30-year veteran of the pest wars, spending the first part of his career at a major pest control company. Russ and Sherry took that experience and honed their services, creating a family-centered company that offers great, prompt customer service at a fair price. Sherry is behind the scenes and Russ is the face of Complete.

Whether you’re a homeowner, real estate agent or building owner, the process is always the same with Complete results and no pricey contracts. Sometimes, a pest problem is extremely pesky. In those cases we'll perform one retreatment at no cost. Complete also has a specific protocol for restaurants.

When you’re faced with pests, make the Complete choice – contact us now.

Here’s the COMPLETE 5-step Process

  1. Same-day Service (We work around your availability!)
  2. Free Inspection
  3. I.D. of Pests and Points of Entry
  4. Fair Pricing
  5. Treatment