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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I treat the problem myself?

You could, but it’s a waste of your time and money. You may try multiple products and still not get the right result. Complete treats with effective professional products to which you don’t have access and, in most cases, are safe among people, pets and environment. We also help you inspect and identify entry points, along with other tips, that will eliminate your problem.

Can you come ASAP?

Rest assured. Complete offers same-day service and a free inspection and quote 24/7/365.

Do I need to lock-in to a contract?

Residential customers do not require a contract. We’ll regularly schedule treatments upon your request. Some approaches such as baiting for termites or rodents may require regular refilling of bait stations or removal of traps.

Should I choose a licensed pest control company?

By all means! But being licensed isn’t enough. Does the company have years of experience identifying and treating pest problems? Also are they certified, insured and bonded for your protection? Complete meets all of these requirements and more.

What is integrated pest management?

Integrated pest management or IPM is an environmentally sensitive and common-sense approach to pest problems. It’s a series of pest management inspections and controls that manage pests in the most economical and least hazardous way. We may suggest minor changes to your home (like repairing a screen or installing a door sweep) and landscaping as a long-term solution vs. just spraying when a pest reappears.

Can you quote a service over the phone?

In some cases we can, especially for termite home inspections.

Call now 412.216.7669!

What can I do to manage pests?

Clean food prep and storage areas, fix plumbing leaks, make repairs to holes in masonry and wood, plant pest-resistant trees and shrubs, remove woodpiles. Contact Complete for a free inspection today.