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Ant Control Is Cleaning My Home Sufficient?

Posted by on 07.25.2018

If you have an ant infestation, the reason that you are facing an army of ants is much more complicated than a dirty kitchen. In general, there are only two ways that ants show up in homes: they come from the outside, or they decide to move their colony to your home. An ant control professional like Complete Pest Control Services can help to make that determination. This is an important part of the fight against ants – the battle is waged differently if the ants are residing inside the home as opposing to nesting somewhere close outside and coming in for occasional food surveys.

Locating Entrances Perhaps you haven’t noticed the signs outdoors – or inside your home – that indicate ants are coming inside on regular visits to forage for food. A pest control expert knows precisely what to look for, such as tunnels in the ground outside and bushes or wood logs in direct contact with the home. This allows the ants easy access into structure. Interestingly, experts say that ants come into our homes looking for food because humans and ants have some of the same tastes. While ants eat a variety of things, including wood, plant and animal matter, they have a significant sweet tooth. Ants like all different types of sweets, as well as greasy foods and starchy substances.

Finding the Colony Like any other social animal, ants are looking for the best possible conditions in which to live. Warm, moist locations inside your home – in the walls or attic, for example – provide a great breeding ground for an ant queen. It is much more common for ants to attack a structure from the outside, but several individual types of ants seem more likely to take over a portion of a home, including pharaoh, pavement and carpenter ants, according to experts. Your pest control professional will limit any possible damage, but if ants are located within Sheetrock, the wall must be sacrificed to take care of the colony. Once your pest control expert knows where the ants are located, he or she can choose from a variety of chemicals and other products to bait the ants, so they unknowingly carry the pesticide back into the colony.

Repairing Efforts Of course, your pest control expert will work with you on repair efforts to walls, the attic or other locations inside that had to be damaged in order to access the ant colony. But a second type of more minor repairs is just as important. This includes caulking, the use of sealant and other methods to close up the cracks and crevices that the ants used to access your home in the first place. Also, your pest control expert will be very familiar with “trail pheromone” and how ants leave this nearly invisible scent that other ants will be able to locate in the future.

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Ant Control Is Cleaning My Home Sufficient?