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Angry as a Wasp

Posted by CPCS on 04.17.2015

Wasps aka “yellowjackets” become very defensive when their nests are disturbed. Using pesticides inappropriately (the wrong product applied at the wrong time) can make matters worse. These preventative steps will keep wasps in check.

  1. Remove food sources. Wasps like protein in the spring and summer, which means open garbage or compost piles; and sweet things in the late summer and early fall – perfume, fruit trees, pop spills, etc.
  2. Seal up entry points such as a broken screen or gap in the doorframe.
  3. Did you know that when you squash a wasp it releases chemicals that attract more wasps? An old Russian proverb says, “Do not kill a single wasp; for then a hundred will come to its funeral.”

When preventative measures don’t work or, worse yet, you have an underground nest or a nest in between your walls, call COMPLETE, that’s CPCS, 24/7, at 412.318.4547.

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Angry as a Wasp